One of the largest costs in the software industry is not the development of the software, but providing technical support for it.
To keep the cost to you as low as possible, Balsa has firstly taken great care in creating a product that does not require a propeller head to operate it. Added to this Balsa provides support for one year from the date of purchase, and only via email.

That being said, there are resellers who will supply more personalized support. Please contact us for more information about a support agent or reseller in your area.

We do not support issues created by Anti-Virus software.


We will provide you with a refund if it can be established that you have not had any substantial use of the software. To this effect some conditions must be met:
1) MK Express is not currently activated.
2) MK Express was purchased less than 14 days ago.

If you purchased MK Express through a Reseller, please contact them directly to effect the refund.
The amount of time required to effect a refund is highly dependent on the method you used to pay the MK Express originally, please allow for a reasonable period of time.

Primarily we accept payment for MK Express by Credit Card via our web site, however we will also accept:
- Cheques.
- Bank Transfer.
Please send an email to for more information.

Software Activation

MK Express requires that you have a valid Registration Key and that the software must activate with the our activation server. If the computer you have installed MK Express onto is connected to the Internet, activation process should occur automatically. You can also manually activate a copy by entering the Activation Request Key into If you do not have access to the Internet, you can phone your reseller or us during office hours.

Unless otherwise stipulated, an MK Express Registration can only be used to activate one copy. An activated copy will have to be De-Activated before the Registration Key can be used to activate a copy of MK Express on another computer.

If a Registration is Activated and De-Activated more than 10 times in a month, that Registration may be prevented from activating any further copies with out notice.