MK Express
Master Keying The Easy Way

The name says it all, MK Express, this quick and easy to use Master Keying Software will create master key systems for all major manufacturers of both Standard Inline and Interchangeable Core Cylinders

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Supporting 64bit Macs from Cataline up

Download the Manual
Try out MK Express before you buy.
The demo version will not allow you to save the systems you create, but you will get a good idea of how it works.
$348.00 once off (not a subscription)
14 days no questions money back.
With a years support.

Unlock new possibilities

MK Express creates complex Master Key Systems so easily that you don't need to know master keying to use it.

Just tell MK Express what hardware you are using, set out which keys work which locks and then press calculate.


Not just inline and SFIC

We also create Master Key Systems for more interesting locking hardware like:

  • MR Group
  • Ultion WXM
  • M & C Holland
  • Mottura C28
  • Corbin Russwin System 70 IC
Here is a list of built in types

Master Keying the easy way

Easy to install

Easy to use

Zero stress

Expand your existing master key systems.

MK Express has a problem solving engine that can understand and expand on your existing Master Key Systems, even paper ones.

This engine will also handle you entering the cuts manually for some keys, and then calculating the others to match.

Have a Master Key System created by obsolete software?
MK Express can expand those.


Upgrade Today

Don't get stuck using software that was not designed for modern computers.

MK Express is actively engaged in meeting the future.

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